We have a rich experience of trading in minerals and metals, and have been extremely successful, through our studied approach to the market and business strategies.

The commodities Market is on an upswing for last several years and there has been regular and recurring demand from the developing economies.

We have an excellent relationship on both the supply and buy side of the trade and our history of successful transactions in testimony to the credibility that we share in the market.

Some of the products that we deal in are

  • Iron Ore Fines / Lumps
  • Coal
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Rice
  • Betel Nuts
    • Aluminum Foil:

      Vida Resources have developed good relationships with producers, processors and end users in the Aluminum industry.

    • Rice:

      We have successfully handled and transacted large quantities of Indian parboiled rice (Ponni and Sona Masori) and distributed our own House brand in Singapore.