Businesses and industries create large amounts of waste in their daily activities. Reducing the amount of rubbish created at work through methods such as recycling will benefit the business as well as the environment. Waste disposal costs are greatly reduced through recycling and ultimately, less waste ends up in landfills.

Vida Resources specializes in the recycling of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and other waste streams into products that can be used in the manufacture of new goods. The Recycling Industry is a mammoth $80 billion dollars industry / year and growing steadily.

There is a constant demand from developing economies.


Our Scrap Yard which is located in Bremen, Germany has access to raw material supply from Entire European region, which co-incidentally is also a hub for international automobile giants. Coupled with strong jurisdiction and excellent infrastructure, it presents a wonderful opportunity.


Vida Resources have the arrangement for the collection, grading and processing of catalytic converters, having invested in specialist equipment to aid the recovery of the platinum and other precious metals they contain.


  • Experienced Team available for this niche market
  • Access to sufficient supply
  • Risk Management in Place
  • Technical Knowhow
  • Backward Integration for our furnace in India